Do you offer an automatic payment service?

Yes, please contact our office for the form.

Can I make a payment over the phone?

No. We do not accept payments over the phone at this time

Can I pay my mortgage with a credit card or debit card?

No, we do not accept credit cards or debit cards at this time. Payments can be made by check, money order, ACH payment (auto-pay), or cash in person at our office.

Can I make additional monthly payments towards principal?

Yes, by default any amount paid over the monthly payment will be applied to principal, but it is best to write on your check or coupon the additional amount towards principal. If your payment is received late, the additional amount may be applied towards the following month’s payment. If your escrow account has a sever shortage, the additional amount may be applied towards escrow.

Escrow Accounts

I received an insurance claim check and it is payable jointly to the mortgage company. What do I do?

Contact our office for information for how to get your check endorsed by us.

I received my annual Escrow Analysis Statement and my payment has increased a lot. Why is that?

Escrow accounts pay for the taxes and insurance on your property, but we do not control these costs. If your account has a shortage, you may be able to reduce your monthly payment by paying the shortage amount. Contact our office for more information. You may also want to contact your insurance agent to see if you can lower your premium.

Tax Forms

When will I receive my form 1098 for mortgage interest paid?

Each year in January you will receive a package from us containing your Annual Mortgage Statement, Escrow Analysis (if applicable), Form 1098, and a new coupon book for the upcoming year. You may also received an Auto-Pay form with a new amount if your escrow payment has changed.

Can I obtain my form 1098 online?

Not at this time, but we can email a copy if you needed.